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A wide range of technologies and services can be placed under the term "integrated urban water management". Especially in the water loss management process, a large investment of technologies and services is required. Such as pressure management , leak detection, billing, hydraulic modelling, monitoring, etc... Decisive for the correct use of your resources is the exact and systematic raw data collection. Is the specified pipe route correct, are the material specifications correct, are there losses? If so, how big are they and where are they located? We support you so that you make the right decisions and the technical know-how stays in your company. Especially when activities are outsourced, it is important that you know all the processes of the outsourced activity inside out.

Non Revenue Water

Learn how to calculate and interpret your "Non Revenue Water" index. To achieve valuable and proven results.

Class Room Training

Together with colleagues from the industry, you will experience a new kind of training. Effective, practical and entertaining at the same time.

Field Training

Become a real leakbuster ....             The most experienced field engineers are happy to share their know-how.

Online Training

We offer you the most immersive and functional tarining available on the market.
Your staff will be guided to achieve the highest value of knowledge in the field.

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Simply owning the latest technology is not enough to successfully, cost-effectively and steadily reduce your water losses. The training and further education of technical and administrative staff is an important component in every successful company. Our technical seminars are characterised by a high degree of practical relevance. Only those who are themselves very familiar with the individual technologies and have also tried them out in practice have the necessary background to train and educate beginners as well as professionals. Experience cannot be bought, but it can be passed on. We attach particular importance to the exchange of experience among the seminar participants. An experienced seminar leader seeks dialogue with his audience and promotes exchange between the seminar participants. This is precisely our strength: 25+ years of experience in more than 70 countries, together with our clients, always on the "water front". Where others see their  limits, we see our challenge!


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